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Photoshop Props

Please complete this form to process your bookings online. You must pay your deposit to secure your date.

Terms and Conditions

1. Customer is responsible for providing an appropriate 2 table, 1 chair, as determined by YPC, for YPC equipment during the event. 

2. Customer is responsible for assuring that an adequate electric supply is provided to YPC equipment’s. 

3. Customer is responsible to reserve for YPC parking stall or obtain a parking permit to the events. 

4.  Customer is responsible to cover/pay for any damages or missing props at your event. 

5. Customer is responsible to remind guests at your event to any CHILDREN UNDER 12 year old WILL REQUIRED ADULT SUPERVISION TO USE THE PHOTO BOOTH due to liability insurance purposes. 

6. Props will be taken away during your events if a guests abusively damaging props intentionally.

7. All Photos on the event from the photo booth, I will authorize YPC Photo Booth Hawaii to utilize some of the photos for advertisement purposes. Any complaints should contact the customer to address the issue. 

8. Cancellation. This is a binding contract between YPC and Customer. By signing this contract, Customer is personally liable for the contract owed to YPC. 

9. Customer may cancel this contract prior to 30 days before the event and in which case YPC shall retain the deposit paid by Customer as liquidated damages. Notice of cancellation must be writing and must be received by YPC at least 30 days prior to the event. 

10. If Customer cancels within 30 days of the event and fails to inform YPC of the cancellation or rescheduling of the event, YPC shall retain the deposit paid by Customer and Customer must pay the remaining balance. 

11. If Customer fails to pay the remaining balance, YPC will send the invoice to the applicant name on the application/contract form and must pay within 30 days.

12. This contract maybe subjected to cancel/remove any complimentary add ons: such as Boomerang Booth, Social Media, if the location area do not have any available wifi signal. If the server is down or not functioning of any of the social media stated above.

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